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SCARFACE (The Project)
SCA Redesign For Automation Cross-Enterprise
Customer: Internal
Project Lead: Helena Kapapoulos
SCARFACE (aka The Project) is a massive business process re-engineering and automation effort to modernize the operations of SCA Designs.
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Cook County Forfeited Property Marketplace
Customer: Cook County (IL) Govt.
Project Lead: Dutch Francis
CCFPM is an online marketplace that provides controlled, secure auction services for forfeited property seized by the Cook County, Illinois judicial system.
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Western Infrastructure Redesign Effort
Customer: Internal
Project Lead: Jacob Troyer
WIRE is a large internal directive to re-engineer the Six Pack Companies network infrastructure in the Western US, including improved hub capacity in Denver and San Diego and upgraded backbone connectivity for 2 Fat Chicks and Del Mar Beachnet customers.
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Six Pack Rich Media Client
Customer: Internal
Project Lead: Rajesh Sumarapan
SPaRMeC is an internal effort to develop and field a universal Rich Media Client that supports all current and future Six Pack Companies web-based media repositories.
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